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Some people’s feelings are easily bruised. These people are labeled “snowflakes.” Figuring out why is an exercise left to the viewer.

4h4 hours ago

4h4 hours ago

“Fake news media?” Would the President like to rethink that? Reality is worse by the day, if not the hour:

President Trump is encouraging his 24 million Twitter followers to ignore accurate polls.

On Monday he tweeted — inaccurately — that “Any negative polls are fake news, just like the CNN, ABC, NBC polls in the election.”

Professional polling is scientific, not political, in nature. Polls by TV networks during the election were not “fake news.” In fact, most national polls were not far off the mark. The polls correctly showed Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote by a relatively small margin.

But that’s about the past. Trump’s tweet said more about the future. He was taking his long-standing poll denialism to its illogical conclusion, inviting his supporters to dismiss unpleasant data.

This morning on CNN Brian Stelter, the network’s political editor, interviewed retiring chief political columnist for Politico, Roger Simon. Simon’s comments are worth noting. From the CNN video:

Simon: It [journalism] needs to defend the truth, as it should have been doing from the beginning, which is every day. We’re not here to give politicians a break. We’re here to review and comment upon, when need be, the actions of politicians. You know, give Trump a free ride, and he will take that ride all the way to re-election and beyond. Here is a man who has never done a day of public service, whose first actions were to insult Mexicans, to insult Muslims, to insult Jews, and on and on. And are we supposed to pretend this is an ordinary president, and the times are ordinary? They’re not.

Stelter interrupted to ask whether it was journalists’ responsibility to stop Trump. Simon responded by saying journalists shouldn’t do anything like hit Trump over the head with a bottle. Journalists need to do what some are doing now. They should “check for the truth, dividing truth from fiction.” They should point out how ridiculous some of his statements are, actually how nearly all of his statements are. He likened Trump’s personality to that of a “big baby.”

Asked whether he thought coverage on President Trump is currently not tough enough, Simon noted “It’s getting there.” He cites coverage burn-out (my wording). Journalists and the public may be getting bored with the whole affair. How long is the story going to last?

Trump fans will possibly—likely—view this as just another case of liberal media bias. My conservative friends, dwindling in number, tell me they rely on Fox News and Breitbart for their information. Here’s the conundrum. Mainstream media say Trump is lying. Trump calls mainstream media liars. If Trump is telling the truth, then the mainstream media are lying, and Trump is not lying. On the other hand, if Trump is lying, then the mainstream media are telling the truth, and Trump is lying. See how that goes?

The way to tell who is lying and who is telling the truth is to check the facts. The facts include previous statements by now President Trump that:

  • Barack Obama is not likely an American citizen.
  • Global warming (AGW) is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese.
  • President Obama agreed to accept thousands of refugees from Australia.
  • Trump’s inauguration crowd was the largest on record.

And on and on. These are statements by President Trump that can be independently verified by anybody who will take the time to do so. In the meantime, the polls on Trump are hard and cruel. From the CNN video:



The President’s reaction to these cruel facts fits the canonical snowflake profile. Here is a leader of the country who melts at room temperature.

Keep reading. And may Jesus have mercy on our souls.


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