Hu’s On Second

Many apologies, readers. This was so cute I had to steal it from Mashable.

Newly-elected President Donald Trump is rapidly making good on his campaign  promise to Make America Great Again. It seems to be working, because as of last week America was number 1. Naturally, the question arises, who’s number two. Or, as I imagine it, Hu’s on second. With America number 1, there is a scramble to be number 2.

Rats! Wouldn’t you know it. All those second-rate countries are now trolling The Donald as only second-rate countries can troll a Schlemiel-in-Chief.


Denmark proudly proclaims it has a little mermaid statue to compare with our Statue of Liberty. Let them eat their hearts out.


We may have Trump, but Germany has beer like no other. They drink a toast to a country that brings to mind a Germany of 80 years ago.


We may have the 82nd Airborne, but the Swiss have the famous Swiss Guards.


Belgium has ABBA, which is really Swedish. And they have their own little statue celebrating the Golden Shower.


Then there is Portugal, which, until about 1940, had a larger standing army than the U.S. of A.


Don’t you just love having Donald Trump for President? Don’t you just love being trolled by all those second-rate countries? Me neither.


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