Just a few more days left for this series


In three short days the Snowflake Elect will become the Snowflake in Chief, and this series will pass into  history. In the meantime the fun just keeps rolling in.

This is just unbearable It is too painful to watch. The snowflake-elect has been scurrilously abused and unable to defend himself. Donald Trump, soon to take office as President of the United States, has been declared illegitimate by a power-hungry political rival. Mr. Trump needs to fight back. His vice snowflake is seen on ABC News coming to his defense:

Vice President-elect Mike Pence: For someone to use his stature, to use terms like … like this is not a legitimate president… It’s just… It’s just deeply disappointing to me. And I hope he reconsiders it.

Yes, civil rights heroes, people like Congressman John Lewis from Georgia, people who laid their lives on the line and suffered tremendous physical assault—these people need to learn not to use their stature so gained to assail defenseless political opponents who never enjoyed such advantages growing up. John Lewis needs to appreciate what a delicate and defenseless human spirit he is maligning.

Thank you for your fearless defense, Mr. Pence. We hope some day to see a monument bearing your likeness standing shoulder to shoulder with the one depicting Dr. Martin Luther King in our nation’s capital. In the meantime, keep up the good work defending the downtrodden in our great society.

And may Jesus have mercy on your soul.


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