Just a few more days left for this


Just over two weeks left, and the snowflake candidate is preparing to take over the top job in the nation, even the world. Is he ready? Yes he is readers! But first he needs to get past some pesky personal slights:

On Monday, Donald Trump expressed his dissatisfaction with CNN, as he has done in the past.

This time, his outrage was due to the photo the network chose to put on the cover of its book “Unprecedented: The Election That Changed Everything.”

Trump tweeted, “@CNN just released a book called ‘Unprecedented’ which explores the 2016 race & victory. Hope it does well but used worst cover photo of me!”

All right! This snowflake-elect is ready to  roll.

On 20 January the tender-soul-in-chief will be your national leader. Treat him kindly, because I have no intention in doing so. It’s going to be a fun four years. Keep reading.

And may Jesus have mercy on your souls.


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