Snowflake Constituency

For some reason, you figure it out, I subscribe to a newsletter called En-Volve ( It advertises “Conservative Headlines,” “Politics,” “Election 2016,” “Social Justice,” and more. It comes to my mail box from “Trump News.” I have no assurance this source has anything to do with the President-elect, but I have cataloging messages from Trump News from back in October. Whatever this is, it’s sure to be a gold mine of conservative wisdom. Time to mine it:

Muslims Threaten Company to Bow To Their Demands. Company FIRES THEM ALL!

The news item, which I will get to shortly, came with this image:


I particularly wanted to post this image, because I am about 100% sure it has nothing to do with the story from En-Volve. Here’s more of the story:

Posted on December 29, 2016 by

A report coming in from Denver  says that Muslims were praying at their place of work, which was allowed by company policy in the past. However, recently the company changed that policy and said that if they would like to pray, they could go home.

This isn’t an unreasonable request, but the Muslims in question were outraged and staged a 200 worker walkout. When some returned, the company said “pack your bags!”

About 190 workers, most of them immigrants from Somalia, have been fired from a meat packing and distribution plant on Colorado’s Eastern Plains for walking off the job to protest a workplace prayer dispute.

Ten days ago more than 200 workers walked off their jobs at Cargill Meat Solutions in Fort Morgan.

Depending on the season, the Muslim workers prayed at different times of the day, typically in about five-to-10 minute blocks, Hussein said. But recently a decision was made at the plant to change the practice.

“The workers were told: ‘If you want to pray, go home,’ ” Hussein said.

We all know that the liberals in this country will do everything in their power to make these delicate little snowflakes feel at home in the U.S. by allowing them to do pretty much whatever they want. And Cargill even tried to appease them before the now-infamous incident.

And there’s the cute phrase I was looking for—”delicate little snowflakes.” These workers are Muslim. They are also “delicate little snowflakes.” What a handy term.

Full disclosure: I have no truck with giving religious exemption in any case, and, call me a bleeding heart liberal if you want, but I would have fired employees who walked off the job over such a tiff.

The story further notes some of those fired had ten years with the company and had previously been allowed to pray at work in a set-aside space. A. Michael Smith, writing for En-Volve, commented additionally, “Other companies should follow Cargill’s example: don’t bow to radical Muslims, treat them like you would any other worker and fire their asses if they are being unreasonable!”

Yeah! Snowflakes!

Speaking of snowflakes:

“Maybe we should boycott Starbucks. I don’t know,” Donald Trump said on Monday night at a speech in Springfield, Illinois. “Seriously, I don’t care.”

It was a rare moment of trollish apathy for the Donald, considering that he was referring to the kind of peevish campaign that’s right up his alley: a video going around the Internet by a guy named Joshua Feuerstein—he calls himself “an American evangelist, Internet, and social media personality”—raging against “the age of political correctness” and the new seasonal coffee cups at Starbucks.

“Do you realize that Starbucks wanted to take Christ, and Christmas, off of their brand-new cups? That’s why they’re just plain red,” he says.

That’s right. Plastic coffee cups at Starbucks. People, what we have here is a snowflake constituency. I’m thinking this is going to be a fun four years.

Keep reading. And may Jesus have mercy on your soul.


2 thoughts on “Snowflake Constituency

  1. When I am attacked for my generally anti-immigration stance (particularly as regards the Islamic masses pouring into Europe) I point to the experience of the Somalis who Bill Clinton welcomed in their thousands. Many went to Minnesota. An unending cascade of major confrontations and catastrophes continues to this day. Many refuse to integrate: “I am Muslim first and American second”. That has ramifications.

    The USA is known as a “land of freedom”. Ask any Muslim you meet whether they would be free to choose their religion (or lack thereof) growing up. Go ahead. See if your question elicits a rational answer.

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