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Lurching into geography again for this week’s Quiz Question. Geography is always a safe bet, because almost nobody knows a bunch of geography. This week’s Quiz Question is about islands.

First, geographers do not consider Australia an island. The other big stuff is continents. Greenland is the largest island. What is the second largest island?

The answer can be found in five seconds with Google, but you are supposed to know this by closing your eyes and imagining a world map. Don’t go to your world map or globe, either. Examine all the large islands and determine which is larger than all the others. Then post your answer as a comment below. Don’t use Facebook, because that will clue everybody in the world to the correct answer.

After you post your answer you can go to Google and see if you were right.


And of course, Byron Black, who lives in the region, provided the correct answer. New Guinea is the second largest island, after Greenland.


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