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Hulu to the rescue again. How many times am I going to have to go back to Hulu whenever I need another bad movie? As many times as it takes. Hulu is the mother lode. This is Godzilla vs. Megalon, from 1973 and out of Toho. I’m leaning on Wikipedia for help with this one, because it was hard for me to decipher.

You can  tell it’s going to  be a foreign film when the titles are in Japanese.


I am not an expert on the genre, but I get the idea all the monsters that plague mankind have been relegated to Monster Island, where they can do their monster stuff without bothering us. Anyhow, nuclear weapons testing in the Aleutian Island Chain has upset this peaceful detente, causing disruptions on Monster Island. How that affected the main characters in  the movie was never made clear to me.


The monsters run amuck.


The first thing we notice anything is going wrong is when two men and a youngster are enjoying an afternoon at a lake. Goro Ibuki (Katsuhiko Sasaki) is an inventor. He has developed a humanoid robot, named Jet Jaguar, with amazing capabilities. His friend is Hiroshi Jinkawa (Yutaka Hayashi). Rokuro (Hiroyuki Kawase) is Goro’s nephew. When an earthquake strikes, trouble starts, and the two men have to rescue Rokuro from the lake, where he has been riding his pedal float. The lake quickly drains, and the three, puzzled, return home.



When they arrive home, agents of the underground empire, Seatopia, are already there, burglarizing the place. Their intent is to steal the robot, but that is not immediately apparent to the audience. The agents rough up the three residents and flee.


Back at Seatopia, Emperor Antonio (Robert Dunham) exhorts his followers. He will unleash Megalon and make the outsiders sorry for all their bomb testing and disturbing his kingdom.


At the Emperor’s exhortations, Megalon appears. He is ferocious, and he is ugly.


The mighty Japanese armed forces go into action to combat the menace.


But the Seatopia agents strike back. This time they overwhelm Goro, Hiroshi, and Rokuro, taking Goro hostage and locking Hiroshi and Rokuro in a cargo container to be dumped in the lake.


But the hired drivers rebel, and they shove the agent in charge out of the truck and over a cliff, apparently to his termination.

That leaves the container perched on a precipice overlooking a dam, when Megalon appears, causing water to slosh over the dam destructively. Soon Megalon bursts through the dam as Goro arrives to rescue them. Never mind. Megalon swats the container, sending is sailing over a nearby ridge, and saving poor Hiroshi and Rokuro a nasty fall over the precipice.


In the end Jet Jaguar grows to enormous size, teams with Godzilla, and helps defeat Megalon.


The world is saved.


There’s more to  the plot, but my real intent here is to show you some screen shots from the movie. Yes, this is pretty bad, considering a number of absurd plot features.

For example, a slew of acetate is expended showing Hiroshi and Rokuro bound with cord and locked in the cargo container, destined for an inglorious death. They free themselves from their bindings, but they are still trapped inside the container, which is on the back of a truck, headed for a place to dump them off. The truck drivers ditch the Seatopia agent, but they still intend to dump the container off a cliff. What is going to save  the two helpless prisoners? Why, Megalon, sending the entire container with Hiroshi and Rokuro inside sailing over a ridge to a hard landing. That’s one way to escape.

In  the end we are all glad the world is saved from Megalon, and we have Godzilla to thank. And you have me to thank for watching this movie for you.


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    On Sun, Dec 18, 2016 at 7:02 PM, Skeptical Analysis wrote:

    > John Blanton posted: “One of a series Hulu to the rescue again. How many > times am I going to have to go back to Hulu whenever I need another bad > movie? As many times as it takes. Hulu is the mother lode. This is Godzilla > vs. Megalon, from 1973 and out of Toho. I’m leaning on ” >

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