Bad Joke of the Week

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The phone rings at the obituary desk of the Miami Times-Herald. The caller asks, “How much to run an obituary?”

“It’s five dollars a word, ma’am,” the editor tells her.

“All right, then,” the caller, responds, “You have a pencil?”

He responds, “Got one.”

She says, “Write this down.”

He says, “Go ahead.”

She says, “Cohen dead.”

He says, “That’s all?”

She says, “Yes.”

He says, “There’s a five-word minimum.”

She says, “Wait a moment.” Then she comes back on the line and says, “Then change it to ‘Cohen dead, Cadillac for sale.'”


3 thoughts on “Bad Joke of the Week

    • l always had trouble with the phrase “anti Semite.” An Arab friend confirmed my suspicions. A Semite is any person who speaks a Semitic language, including Arabic. Arabs are Semites.

      BTW, Tarek al-Bawab and I attended a conference in Helsinki. This was in the spring of 2001. Even then the difficulty of his traveling with an Egyptian passport was apparent.

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