Friday Funny

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American currency and coins with rolling dice on a green gaming table

Something is always funny on Friday. Here is this:

Albert Bailey must order a lot of takeout because that is exactly what he did when he tried robbing the People’s United Bank in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Ten minutes before the heist, he called the bank to order that a sack of cash be left on the floor so he would not have to cause a scene by coming in waving a gun around. (Plus, could you imagine having to find a parking spot?)

Ten minutes later, Bailey’s 16-year-old accomplice walked in while the bank teller was still on the phone with the police. The kid got about $900 from the teller, and then ran to the getaway car with Bailey awaiting at the wheel. Unfortunately, tipped off, the police were already there and the crooks were arrested in the parking lot. They were thinking of getting delivery but that would mean leaving a tip.

More on  the story

There are so many of these stories, I would never run out. Sometimes the synonym for funny is “just plain stupid.”


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