Friday Funny

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This is Friday, and something is always funny on  Friday. What is it this time? There’s a story. Vice President-elect Mike Pence attended a performance of Hamilton in New York. It’s about the revolutionaries of Colonial America, featuring Alexander Hamilton. Governor Pence attended and did not receive an overly warm reception:

Mr. Pence had been seated in the center orchestra section, prominently visible to audience members. He appeared engaged throughout the show and applauded after most of its numbers, audience members near him said.

When Mr. Pence entered the Richard Rodgers Theater in Manhattan, he was greeted with a mix of clapping and booing, according to theatergoers who posted on Twitter.

The response was predictable:


So, what’s it to be, Mr. Snowflake President? My memory may be foggy on this, but I recall just a few days ago a presidential candidate calling out “Lying Hillary” and leading chants of “Lock her up.” And now somebody’s feelings are  hurt.

Readers, this is funny.


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