Snowflake Elect

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Campaigning for President, Donald Trump needed your vote. He knew he couldn’t get my vote. He knew (or should have known) I was planning to vote for Clinton. He needed the vote of some others. Some others not so bright. So he said things. Things like, “I have a secret plan to defeat ISIS,” or words to  that effect:

Donald Trump brushed off his lack of a specific policy to defeat the Islamic State terror group on Wednesday night, claiming he had a plan but did not want to broadcast it to the United States’ enemies.

“I have a substantial chance of winning. If I win, I don’t want to broadcast to the enemy exactly what my plan is,” the Republican nominee said at an NBC-hosted commander-in-chief forum in New York. The gathering was the first time both Trump and his rival Hillary Clinton have shared the same stage in this election, albeit at separate times.

Now that The Donald has been elected The President, some wiseacres are poking fun at his secret plan:

Enter Major General Charles Dunlap, who wanted to know about Trump’s super secret plan to defeat ISIS.

“Siri, how do I kill ISIS?” Trump asked his Blackberry after googling “what is ISIS.”

That was funny. But this is what is really funny. Donald Trump—recently elected President of the United States—poked back:

On Sunday morning, Trump let his 15 million followers know he disapproved of Saturday Night Live’s latest episode, calling it “biased” and not funny.

His Twitter posting is a monument to snowflakiness:


Whoa! Donald, America is saddened that your feelings have been hurt. Maybe a $400,000 a year salary and free rent for four years starting in January will make everything all right. In the meantime, fasten your seat belt.



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