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Searching for a new Quiz Question this week. History to the rescue.

I was looking over some photos I have, and I got to thinking. What was the greatest land battle ever fought in the Western Hemisphere? By greatest, I’m thinking  most troops involved, most firepower, most casualties.

Search your history books if you want, and post your answer, not on Facebook, but as a comment below.


This posting has received a number of comments and attempts to answer the question. I am going to drop the final hint. I pulled up a map from Google. See below:


I added a line running north and south through London. Everything to the left of that line (in the picture) is in the Western Hemisphere. Please note that almost all of Spain is west of the line, and particularly the invasion of Normandy took place to the west of the line. The eastern most landings of Operation  Overlord were directed at Caen in France, and that city is in the Western Hemisphere.


5 thoughts on “Quiz Question

  1. Well if you’re eliminating air power then we’re looking at the 19th Century at the latest. So I’d guess some part of the American very un-Civil War. Not being a buff I can’t say which one though.

  2. If you include Western Europe as part of the hemisphere, then I think the answer is the WWI battle of the Somme River. 1.2 million casualties, if I recall correctly.

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