Basket Case

Some more of the same

Ever since Donald Trump was elected President of the United States I have been looking forward to having a bit of fun. I mean, Donald Trump as President is bound to be a bottomless well of merriment.

It turns out it won’t be necessary to wait until January. The fun has already started:

Washington (CNN) — Donald Trump isn’t letting slights go — even after the ego-boosting accomplishment of winning the presidency.

As the Republican President-elect greeted candidates for Cabinet position at his Bedminster, New Jersey, golf course Sunday, he couldn’t resist another shot at the cast of the musical “Hamilton” — which had read a message directly to Vice President-elect Mike Pence after he attended the Broadway production Friday night.

With Pence looking on silently, Trump told reporters the remarks were “very inappropriate.”

It marked the second straight day of Trump, now back in control of a Twitter account aides had wrested away in the closing stages of the campaign, raging against “Hamilton.”

Joy to the world, the old Trump is here to stay. The person  who plans to become President of the United States is giving us a preview of attractions to come. Liberals and conservatives alike will pull up the news with their coffee each morning, eager to learn what astonishing affront to  mature behavior will be the talk of the next 24 hours. And I will be one of those people.

The same Donald Trump who for years fostered the notion that President Obama is not an American citizen, the same Trump who called a news reporter a cunt, the same Trump who took time during a campaign talk to mock a reporter with a disability, yes that Trump, now takes offense when a well-heeled New York audience is discourteous to his pick as Vice President. That Trump.


Readers, it’s going to be a fun  four years.

Fasten your seat belts. It’s going  to be a bumpy night.


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