Deconstructing Trump

First of a Series

Readers of this page will recall that starting back in August I ran a daily item dishing dirt on presidential candidate Donald Trump. Of course it was enormously successful.

No, it  wasn’t. Absolutely nothing I  wrote changed the course of the election.

I am now resigned to accept the fact that my fellow Americans picked candidate Trump as the next President of the United States, despite all my sound advice. That said, I will now join, lock-step with all loyal Americans in supporting our new president.

Just kidding.

Boys and girls, it’s going to  be a fun four years, and the party is just getting started.


This came over my Internet TV connection by way of ABC World News Tonight on Friday, and it was fun  to watch. What you would have seen, had you watched this, was Daniel Petrocelli, lawyer for Donald Trump, explaining  what must be hard to explain. Let me quote from the captions supplied by ABC News:

He had very strong feelings about this case, but he was willing to put his personal interests and his personal beliefs aside and focus on the issues that are facing the country.

All right. That requires some translation, since Mr. Petrocelli’s words may have gotten garbled in transmission. What Mr. Petrocelli is saying is “My client, Donald Trump, screwed a bunch of people, and he regrets having been caught at it. Now that these chickens have come home to roost, there is no way he is going to win. Rather than fight an embarrassing scandal like this while in the process of taking over the most powerful government on this planet, he’s willing to shell out $25 million from his pocket change to make the whole thing blow over.” I like it when lawyers come right out and say it like it is, as I am sure you do.

Others had more to say:

Donald Trump Agrees to Pay $25 Million in Trump University Settlement

The president-elect has always had nothing but good to say about what amounts to a criminal enterprise:


Amazing! 98% approval rating. I am impressed by how that stacks up. I have degrees from the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Texas at Dallas, and I am dead sure none of those have 98% approval from  their students. So, where does President-elect Trump get the 98% number? He gets it where he gets a lot of his information. He makes it up:


President-elect Trump later walked back that silly statement, saying he was only kidding:

During the debate, Sanders said he couldn’t imagine electing a president who believed that climate change is “a hoax invented by the Chinese.” Sanders specifically cited Trump to make his point.

That was an apparent reference to a 2012 tweet by Trump, in which the real-estate mogul wrote, “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make US manufacturing non-competitive.”

Trump was asked about Sanders’ attack the next day during a “Fox & Friends” interview. He said his accusation against the Chinese was an obvious joke.

Yes, an obvious joke. Sort of like “98%.” Not 98% approval? Say it ain’t so:

Businessman Donald Trump has made false and misleading claims in response to attacks on “Trump University,” a now defunct program that offered tips on real estate to paying customers.

  • Trump said that the so-called university “had an A rating from the Better Business Bureau.” Actually, it once had an “A+” rating, according to a Better Business Bureau spokeswoman. But its most recent rating was a “D-.”
  • Trump claimed that “many of” the university’s instructors were “handpicked” by him. That’s not true. In a 2012 deposition, a top executive for Trump University said that “none of our instructors” was picked by Trump himself.
  • Trump said that “98 percent of the people that took the courses … thought they were terrific.” That’s misleading. A class-action lawsuit against Trump alleges that the surveys were not anonymous and were filled out during or immediately after sessions when participants were still expecting to receive future benefits from the program.

This is not the first FUBAR to come out of the Trump administration (to be), and it will not be the last. I will have fun in the months to come, and hopefully readers will, as well. It’s not going to be day-by-day, but there is going to  be enough material to keep us all entertained.

Keep reading. And  may Jesus have mercy on your soul.


3 thoughts on “Deconstructing Trump

  1. And just look at the insiders, lobbyists and big-money guys, he’s already appointing to positions of some authority, in his effort to “clean the swamp”. It’s a classic case of American business acumen in action, and I’ll have to tell my ESL students and give them a fresh new old vocabulary item: “bait-and-switch”.

    Exciting times. But predictable.

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