Friday Funny

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This popped up on my Facebook feed Thursday after the election. I think Tania should not have moved but should have stayed around to hear the remainder of the conversation. But, what’s funny about this? Why, nothing. The fun is yet to come.

Three years ago I  posted an item about racism and the political parties. Read it here. This post gets hundreds of hits daily, and there have been some interesting comments. Here is just one:

HAHAHAHA the liberals or democrats never changed and never change.
Hillary Clinton about KKK leader “he’s a mentor and friend”
Hillary Clinton admires Margarete Sanger, who supported the black genocide with Eugenics, the science Nazi-Germany used too

The Democrats are still racist and blacks and GLBTs are following blindly without asking the right questions. Sheep that get led to the slaughter by the shepard [sic].

Democrats are the racists? Now, that is funny.

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