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This is going to be very easy for most. Some will trip up on it.

There are three closed boxes. One box has only apples. One has only bananas. One has a mixture of apples and bananas. Each box is labeled to identify the contents. The problem is, all the labels are wrong. You are allowed to peek inside one box and are required to determine the contents of the two remaining boxes. Which box do you open and look into?


If you have gotten to this point you have gone too far. You should not have to think about this problem to solve it. Just post your answer in the comments section below. And also tell everybody why this didn’t require working through the possibilities to come up with the correct answer.


5 thoughts on “Quiz Question

  1. So if all the labels are wrong, and you know what’s in one box, then you should immediately be able to tell what’s in the other boxes since their labels will be wrong. Example: I peek into a box labeled “apples” and discover that it contains bananas; then the box labeled “combination” could only contain apples and the “bananas” label can only be on the apples.

  2. Of course, to actually answer the question you asked, you can look into any of the boxes; it doesn’t matter which one you peek into, you still get enough info to correctly identify the contents of the other two boxes.

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