The Jade Teapot

This came up in a recent conversation. Actually, it was only a hypothetical conversation. The conversation didn’t actually take place. But it could have. It went something like this.

I was telling my friend Bob about a teapot. It is, I told him, a marvelous teapot. It’s made of the finest jade. More so, it is excellently carved. There is likely not a better one in all the universe. In fact, you would have to search the universe to find one like it. There is not one like it on Earth. This marvelous teapot is in orbit about the sun. It’s about the same distance from the sun as the Earth, and it is following Earth’s orbit, only on the opposite side of the sun. That would make it very difficult to see from Earth. You have to take my word that it exists.

So, why am I talking about a teapot that has no influence on human existence and that which we cannot even see if we looked for it? This came up in a conversation with (mythical) Bob. Bob was telling me about God. God is the person who created the Earth, the Universe, and everything. God created mankind in his own image and has great concern for each and every living human. God manages all events in the known Universe.

I reminded Bob that God does not exist. Bob was taken aback. God does not exist? Did I have any evidence God does not exist? I said I did not. Bob asked me why I should doubt the existence of God if I am unable to produce evidence that God exists.

I reminded Bob of the teapot.

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