Bad Movie of the Week

One of a series

This one is bad. This one is very bad. This is the baddest of the bad. It’s Surf Nazis Must Die from 1987. I saw it once on cable TMC and have been looking for it since. Now it’s popped up on Amazon Prime Video for your enjoyment. I won’t list the players. There’s nobody I recognize. Details are from Wikipedia.

In apocalyptic California, following an 8.6 earthquake in the Los Angeles area, police enforcement is swamped, and gangs operate freely and outrageously. One is the Surf Nazis, here indoctrinating neophytes.


The gangs live a hedonistic existence, much to impress viewers.


Since this is a surfing movie, there are ample surfing clips to maintain the theme.


The gangs war for control and prestige. Nobody can beat the Surf Nazis. They dance around the bodies of their fallen foes.


Meanwhile Eleanor “Mama” Washington is checking into a retirement home. She isn’t liking it. Everything is much too tame.


She sees her son Leroy for the last time. He has a run-in with the Surf Nazis and is killed.


Eleanor is not one to take this shit. A visit to a pawn shop gets her a Walther P38, some ammunition, a shotgun, and some grenades.


One grenade of which comes rolling into the Surf Nazis’ bunker while they are dozing. Bad news, Mama Washington is on the warpath.


She finishes off the Surf Nazis.


And that’s the story. There’s not much more to it. As Joe Bob Briggs would call it, “four bare breasts, one severed head, five knives to the gut, some ardvarking.” And we’re out of here. I don’t know how long Amazon is going to have it free on Prime Video. Catch it if you can. An hours and 22 minutes.


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