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  1. I would guess California, cornucopia of all sorts of agricultural produce.


    On Mon, Oct 24, 2016 at 5:02 PM, Skeptical Analysis wrote:

    > John Blanton posted: “One of a continuing series Falling back onto > geography for a Quiz Question again. For all of those who stayed awake in > class, what state in the United States produces the most rice? Submit your > answer as a comment below.” >

  2. Arkansas. Rice needs fresh water and irrigation. What better location than a state along the Mississippi River.

  3. And Keith has it right. From Wikipedia:

    Rice cultivation began in California during the California Gold Rush, when an estimated 40,000 Chinese laborers immigrated to the state and grew small amounts of the grain for their own consumption. However, commercial production began only in 1912 in the town of Richvale in Butte County.[73] By 2006, California produced the second-largest rice crop in the United States,[74] after Arkansas, with production concentrated in six counties north of Sacramento.[75] Unlike the Arkansas–Mississippi Delta region, California’s production is dominated by short- and medium-grain japonica varieties, including cultivars developed for the local climate such as Calrose, which makes up as much as 85% of the state’s crop.[76]

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