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This week’s Quiz Question should be easy. Easy for those who stayed awake in class. As I understood it, this was explained once and then never again.

Myriad is a number. What number? How much is a myriad?

You can look this up on the Internet, but don’t. Enter your answer as a comment below.


Greg wins. His is the correct answer. A myriad is 10,000. How this name came about, I do not know. It’s time to look it up:

myriad (n.) 1550s, from Middle French myriade and directly from Late Latin myrias (genitive myriadis) “ten thousand,” from Greek myrias (genitive myriados) “a number of ten thousand, countless numbers,” from myrios (plural myrioi) “innumerable, countless, infinite; boundless,” as a definite number, “ten thousand”

Greg was paying attention in grade school.


2 thoughts on “Quiz Question

  1. 10,000. In 7th grade I brought home the winning point in a class contest by knowing this definition. I’ve not used the word since, even in this comment!

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