Dying to Believe

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Tuesdays are a shameful day for humanity. It’s the day I remind people of those who died from unwarranted stupidity.Here’s the latest:

Jessica Crank had a swollen shoulder. Not just swollen: In May 2002, when the teenager’s mother, Jacqueline, finally took her to a walk-in clinic in Lenoir City, Tennessee, the nurse practitioner found signs of bone disintegration and “other indications of a serious medical condition” on the x-ray. She called the University of Tennessee emergency room and had them prepare for Jessica’s arrival and urgent treatment.

But Jessica never made it to the E.R., just as she and her mother didn’t show up at the hospital when a chiropractor had urged them to seek medical care earlier in February. Instead, as Jaqueline Crank later testified in court, she chose to turn to “Jesus Christ, my Lord and my Savior, my Healer, Defender, for [Jessica’s] healing.”

Crank “knew there was a problem” with the “grapefruit-sized tumor” on her daughter’s shoulder. But she believed Jesus “was the only Healer,” she said, “and through that belief we took it in our hands to pray for her, to heal her with prayer.”

It did not work. After the walk-in-clinic nurse called the police and Jessica was taken to the hospital, she was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare form of cancer. Getting medical care sooner likely wouldn’t have saved her, but it would have helped manage her symptoms and “positively impacted the quality of her life,” her pediatric oncologist testified. Jessica died in state custody at the age of 15.

The clock is ticking. In 168 hours I will tell you about somebody else who had to die because of religion.

Keep reading. And may Jesus have mercy on your soul.


2 thoughts on “Dying to Believe

  1. Parents got that “So what” look on their cute little faces. Jessica is with Jeebus, who has wished her grapefruit tumor magically away.

    Question is, at the moment of reckoning, when the dead become erect and start trudging toward the camera as in a George A. Romero horror movie, will she still be carrying that holy tumor on her shoulder?

    Or will it all have been magically whisked away?

    If she was such a good Xtian girl, I wonder why she got it in the first place.

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