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Here’s what happens when I get in a schedule crunch and have to lurch for a new Quiz Question on Monday. I go straight to geography, always a stumper for a large audience. Here is one.

I’ve been driving around the country recently, and at one point the question occurred to me: Which state does not have any caves? I mean, which state does not have any caves, in the natural sense, not diggings or tunnels created by people and animals? This question should not be too hard. Just think, of all the 50 states, which one is least likely to have a cave?

After you answer which, tell why.

Post your answer as a comment below.


Helen has answered the question, but not in a straight-forward way. On Facebook she has posted “Florida or Delaware.” The answer is Delaware. While parts of Florida are actually on the North American Continent and have solid structures, most of Florida is what remains of an ancient sea bottom. The highest point in Florida the last time I looked was 300 feet above sea level, and it was a pile of mine tailings. Despite this, Florida has caves:


That leaves Delaware, essentially not a state, but a mud flat nestled along the eastern coast of the continent. No caves. Until…




7 thoughts on “Quiz Question

      • Guess #2 would therefore be somewhere flat and soggy like Wisconsin or Minnesota.


        On Tue, Oct 11, 2016 at 7:17 AM, Skeptical Analysis wrote:

        > John Blanton commented: “Have another go at it. There are caves in Hawaii. > Caves are typically created by water flowing through the ground and > disolving cavities in rocks.” >

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