Friday Funny

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I have a pile of projects going on now, and I don’t have much time to work on this week’s Friday Funny. I’m going to have to make something up, unless…

Thank you, Jesus. You saved my day. Thank you for Aledo, Texas’s own David Barton:

Last night, My Faith Votes, the Religious Right effort overseen by Ben Carson that seeks to mobilize millions of Christians to vote in 2016, hosted another teleforum, this one featuring Religious Right activist and pseudo-historian David Barton, who told participants that they will answer to God if they fail to vote for Donald Trump.

Wait! What did he just say? Did David Barton, of Aledo, Texas, say that not only is there a magical man in the sky, but this person, magical or not, will punish those who vote for somebody besides Donald Trump. Who would have known The Donald had such influential and powerful friends? And such comical ones.


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