Your Friend The Handgun

Nothing new here, folks.


Through the good work of people like Christy Sheats, Americans will likely be able to retain their right to protect themselves in accordance with the 2nd Amendment:

What initially appeared to be an accidental shooting Monday evening under additional investigation may not have been, Marshall County Sheriff Kenny Dickerson said.

Jesse O’Neal Courson, 9, of Byhalia, was found shot after he and his brother were left at home alone on Monday while their mother was at work.

Marshall County Coroner James Anderson said Jesse died of multiple gunshot wounds. It appears he was shot in the back of the head, in the arm, and in the chest.

The brother’s name has not been released, and Dickerson said at this point no charges have been filed.

In the end, Christy Sheats gave her own life in the defense of the 2nd Amendment:

She killed Madison, 17, and Taylor, 22, on June 24, as Jason watched in horror, authorities said. Police then shot Christy dead in the street, near her daughters’ bodies outside their Katy home, after she refused to drop her weapon.

We are hoping the National Rifle Association will dedicate a plaque to Christy at their headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia. Dedicated gun enthusiasts might want to journey there and touch the plaque, kneeling in silent thanks.


4 thoughts on “Your Friend The Handgun

    • I seem to recall a young college student who, in 1963, purchased a handgun and drove down the road shooting up highway signs. I acquired it and eventually sold it to Theo Math and his friend Charles Donahue. A few days later somebody shot the president, and I asked, “Where’s Charles Donahue?” Charlie was one nut case.

      • My Asian acquaintances are astonished and amused when I show them how the state hangs round metal targets down below road signs, hoping to detract some of the fire. I patiently explain the nature of the gun culture (I first typed “fun culture” which is not that far off).

        Of course that was long before the days big studs were carrying AR-15s on shopping errands at the supermarket.

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