Bad Movie of the Week

One of a series

The reason you’re not reading about The Leopard Man right now is it’s a cool and wet Saturday as I write this, and I didn’t have time to look for my copy of the DVD. Instead, here is Destroy All Monsters, from 1968. It stars Akira Kubo as Captain Katsuo Yamabe and Yukiko Kobayashi as his main squeeze, Kyoko Manabe. I pulled it up this morning on Hulu. Details are from Wikipedia.

The situation is that all the famous monsters of recent Japanese movies have been corralled onto an island in the Ogasawara Chain, where they are kept confined by high tech means so they can be studied. The place is called Monsterland. All the monsters are here:

On Hulu you can get this dubbed or subtitled. I watched the dubbed version. The credits are not translated. Byron, step in and comment if you can.


As you can see, when Godzilla attempts to leave the island he is turned back by an invisible force.


But there is trouble. The young lovers are separated as Captain Yamabe flies off to the moon base, leaving sweet Kyoko at the Monsterland control center.


Quickly things go south, and all controls on Monsterland are disabled. The monsters depart on a destructive rampage. Gorosaurus  destroys Paris.


Godzilla demolishes New York City.


The cause is quickly revealed. The Kilaaks Queen (Kyoko Ai ) identifies herself and promises to destroy all of Earth civilization unless earthlings submit to Kilaak control. They are from a planet between Mars and Jupiter.


Monsterland survivors are found to be under Kilaak mind control by means of devices implanted in their heads. When Kyoko comes to negotiate with the Earth people, Captain Yamabe overpowers her and removes the controls.


They are reunited in love.


In the battle between Earth and the Kilaaks, the monsters play a critical role. The Kilaaks send in their own monster, the three-headed King Ghidorah. Following an epic battle, King Ghidorah is defeated, as ultimately is the Kilaak’s fiery flying saucer. Earth is saved.


Yeah, I don’t need to explain how this rates Bad Movie of the Week. Besides the cookie-cutter plot, the actors walk through their parts while uninspired translators dub their voices. The monster scenes are first class, however. An improvement would have been to shoot the thing in monochrome to preserve the gritty ambiance. Maybe there’s a way to turn off the color on my TV. I think not.

Coming soon, I promise, The Leopard Man.


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