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Hulu to the rescue again! You asked for it, you got it. I’m here to choke these down so you don’t have to. Today it’s Plan 9 from Outer Space, featuring Bela Lugosi, posthumously, as is fitting. This came out in 1959. Lugosi died in 1956. Writer-director Ed Wood used clips shot just prior to Lugosi’s passing to bring this classic actor back to life, as only Lugosi would have wanted. Details are from Wikipedia. Wood’s psychic friend Criswell narrates.


The plot is everything. There is absolutely nothing left when you take that away. And I’m not going to elaborate on it, except for:

An old man’s wife dies and is buried in a cemetery in the San Fernando Valley (North Hollywood). He is grief-stricken, only briefly. He leaves his modest home and is apparently struck and killed by a car. That’s Lugosi as the old man.


People in and around Hollywood have been seeing flying saucers.


It’s true. The Earth expeditionary force reports back to the supreme leader, giving the traditional space cadet cross-arm salute. They discuss a serious problem. Earth people are misbehaving, and successive past attempts to get them to straighten up have been rebuffed. Many attempts have been made to reconcile the matter, to no avail. They must try a new approach. They must go to Plan 9. Hence the name of the movie.


Space ships depart from the mother ship, hovering just beyond range in outer space, on their mission to punish the Earth.


But airline pilots and crews know the saucers are out there. They spot them while coming to land at Burbank Airport. Ed Wood spared no expense to make this blockbuster. That’s a “35-cent shower curtain” separating the flight deck from the passenger compartment.


Lugosi’s trademark was menacing innocent (and not) young women.


The film also features Maila Nurmi as the zombie dead wife.


Everything comes to a head as police and military, along with the innocent woman’s incensed husband, accost the aliens in their spacecraft, then parked in the cemetery. Things do not go well, and fisticuffs ensue. The earthlings escape, the aliens die as their spacecraft catches fire from the ruckus and explodes.


On no particular sequence, here is the innocent wife being carried unconscious by the zombie of a murdered police detective. You wouldn’t want to miss that.


You previously saw Bela Lugosi in his last ever scene together with Boris Karloff in The Body Snatcher.

I will get it whenever I can, but the next Ed Wood production I want to review is Glen or Glenda. Hopefully Hulu will come through for us again.


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