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It must have been about 25 years ago when I first came across TV preacher Kenneth Copeland. During that time a big interest of the North Texas Skeptics was the matter of faith healing, which the Dallas-Fort Worth area had its fill. Still does. We had (for a while) Robert Tilton, WV Grant, and Larry Lea. And what fun it was. One day at work I was discussing this cast of characters with a co-worker, and she agreed. “But Kenneth Copeland, he’s the real thing.” Now, that is funny:

Televangelist Kenneth Copeland has blamed the recent Louisiana floods on Republicans favorite scapegoat — President Barack Obama.

“I think the floods are an example of God’s wrath,” said Copeland on Trinity Broadcasting Network. “Things like gay marriage and transgender men being allowed to use women’s bathrooms make God angry. Also, Obama has the mark of Cain, so he will never have the Lord’s favor.”

The mark of Cain is a Biblical belief by certain Christians that states black people are cursed by God.

Yes, you did get it right! The great state of Louisiana was rocking along in 2016, scheduled to go through yet another dull year (dull by Louisiana standards), when BOOM! Two homosexuals decided to get married. Two homosexuals were doing what homosexuals always do when, out of the blue, one of them suggested, “I know what we should do today. Let’s go down to the courthouse and take out a marriage license.” That act, that thoughtless act, was the proximate cause of a $1.5 billion catastrophe.

Homosexuals out there, whatever you are doing, keep on doing it. But do it in private. People are drowning.

And that is funny.


2 thoughts on “Friday Funny

  1. What I found really, really funny was that Robert Tilton allegedly picked up some handy ‘show-biz style’ technique from watching The Church of the Subgenius (also from Dallas – busy place). When does fanaticism become burlesque?

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