Don’t Bump The Trump

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A warning for those who chance to meet a wild Trump coming home late at night, past a graveyard, all alone in a storm: Don’t bump the Trump. [With apologies to Shel Silverstein.]

I started this thing about presidential candidate Donald Trump nearly four weeks ago with no idea where it was heading. Now I find I will be able to post a new item every day from now until November without repeating myself. Thank you, Mr. Trump. It’s the nicest thing anybody’s ever done for me. Thank you very very very much!

Self-obsessed billionaire Donald Trump earlier snatched the campaign torch from the Republican Party by scooping up conservative America’s low-hanging fruit. Full disclosure: it’s something I proclaimed over a year ago could not be done. I was wrong! How wrong? Very wrong. I completely failed to take into account Donald Trumps abiding respect for the truth:

Hillary Clinton said in an interview in Cleveland, Ohio, with ABC News’ David Muir that Donald Trump created a “diplomatic incident” last week with his trip to Mexico.

“He came out saying one thing and the Mexican president contradicted him almost immediately,” said Clinton, referring to Trump’s claim that he did not discuss payment for the border wall, a centerpiece of his presidential campaign.

Wait! Clinton is saying President Peña Nieto contradicted Donald Trump? How can that be? This may be worth looking into:

Al inicio de la conversación con Donald Trump dejé claro que México no pagará por el muro.

Fortunately that has been translated for me, and it says what it appears to say:

“At the beginning of the conversation with Donald Trump I made it clear that Mexico will not pay for the wall,” wrote Peña Nieto in Spanish.

So, what did Donald Trump tell us afterwards?

In a new interview with ABC News, Donald Trump’s recollection appears to differ with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto’s account of their meeting last week when it comes to a key subject: Whether Peña Nieto actually said that Mexico wouldn’t pay for Trump’s proposed border wall.

Trump had said at a news conference following the meeting that the two had not discussed Trump’s campaign promise that Mexico would pay for the wall between the United States and his country.

But shortly after the meeting, Peña Nieto’s spokesman clarified and Peña Nieto himself tweeted that he had, in fact, brought up the wall and had told Trump in no uncertain terms that Mexico would not be paying for it.

Ow! That’s got to hurt. When you’re accustomed to having other people lie for you or at least backing you up when you tell a small fib, this must be distressing and hurtful for candidate Donald Trump. Maybe he needs to take a trip to North Korea and tell them to dismantle their nuclear bomb research and send him a check for $100,000,000. Then Bill Clinton can come over and spring him from the DPRK slam. Bill’s getting good at that.

Yeah, it’s game on. We are going to have more fun between now and November. We can be assured Donald Trump will never fail to entertain us.

Continue reading. And may Jesus have mercy on your soul.

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