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I’ve been watching police chase videos on YouTube, and this came up. The white car is being chased by police on Los Angeles streets. Absent any back channel information, I think I notice three things this image tells me.

The first Quiz Question is what are three things of note discernible from this image?

That being answered, I will later ask for details.

Post your answer in the comments section below.

Update and Answer

Here’s my take on first viewing this:

  • The shadow of the car is short. This is about mid day.
  • The shadow of the car is short. The date is close to the summer solstice.
  • The shadow is mostly behind the car. The car is going south.

You can view the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YL4BgFNYvsE

If the shadow were longer, then the time is not mid day or the date is closer to the winter solstice. The shadow behind the car indicates the direction of travel at mid day.

Although the date is not given, the video was published in June of this year, and commentary in the video indicates it is about mid day. And the vehicle is going south or nearly south.


3 thoughts on “Quiz Question

  1. I see the following: double yellow lines (no passing), a narrow lane, solid white line and a wider lane. Shadow of what appears to be a street sign. Time is likely within about an hour of noon. Car travelling east-west, not sure which direction without knowing if it’s before or after noon.

    somebody is making money on ads in the video

    you are nearer the beginning of the chase than the end.

    vehicle is a late model four door with sunroof. Not sure what is going on with the front driver quarter panel, but looks like it may have been replaced and hasn’t been painted. Looks like all of the tires are still intact, so they haven’t deployed the stop stick yet. Tinted windows make it difficult to discern driver features.

    Looks like car has little motion blur, but there are three visible features that have motion blur. With a 60fps rate, you could estimate speed using estimated size of the street sign and size of the motion blur, but I think you’d also need to know the focal length of the camera or an estimation thereof.

    Angle of picture would indicate aerial photography from a news helicopter.

    • Mike,

      You have picked up one critical observation and missed another one. Here’s a hint. The location is Los Angeles. Now that you know the location, what can you tell from the photos?

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