Bad Movie of the Week

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I needed another bad movie, so I cast about frantically. Amazon Prime Video to the rescue. This one is really bad. It’s Robot Monster, from 1953 out of Three Dimensional Pictures, Inc. If you are looking for a shade above Ed Wood, this is your movie. Details are from Wikipedia.

This stars Gregory Moffett as Johnny, the little kid whose dream the whole plot is. Johnny and his sister Carla (Pamela Paulson) are playing in a wilderness area. Johnny wants to play space man—he has a space helmet and a ray gun that shoots bubbles. Carla wants to play house. They discover two scientists working in a nearby cave, exploring ancient cave paintings. The scientists are Roy (George Nader) and The Professor (John Mylong).


After joining his mother (Selena Royle) and older sister Alice (Claudia Barrett) at a picnic in an open field, Johnny takes a nap. When he wakes up he heads back to the cave were the scientists are working. A bolt of lightning stuns him, and he dreams.


Prehistoric monsters roam the Earth.


A robot monster, Ro-Man (George Barrows), is at the cave, receiving instructions for the final destruction of Earth.


Johnny joins the family, but they are not at a picnic. They are in a wired off bunker, the last remnants of human life. The Professor is now the father. Roy joins them. He’s been hiding out.


The family conspires to defeat the alien invaders, with whom they communicate by way of a video link. Ro-Man takes a liking to Alice and demands she come for a meeting, alone. Johnny slips away and goes, instead, and Roy and Alice go out of the compound to look for him. Love blossoms.


Roy and Alice get married and head out of the compound for a honeymoon. Carla follows them to bring them a wedding bouquet, but she is surprised and killed by Ro-Man.


Ro-Man next surprises Roy and Alice making out in the bushes and kills Roy. He takes Alice prisoner and makes Earthly advances.


Ro-Man defies orders from his master and refuses to kill Alice. In retribution the master culminates the destruction of Earth, and once again ancient monsters roam the planet.

Then Johnny wakes from his dream, rescued by the scientists. Roy casts loving eyes on Alice. There is going to be sex, after all.


This is a deliberately lame plot. That doesn’t keep it from being a dumb movie. About the best thing going for it is the get-along score by Elmer Bernstein, in his fourth movie production. I caught him two years later in The Man With The Golden Arm, which was powered by his dramatic jazz theme. Watching Robot Monster, a casual listener will pick up on strains would surface in the Frank Sinatra film two years later. Bernstein went on to score other notable productions, including God’s Little AcreThe Magnificent Seven, and To Kill a Mockingbird.

Gregory Moffett took another kid role in Two Gun Lady.


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