Don’t Bump The Trump

I’m reminded of a book of poems by Shel Silverstein from 1964:

A warning for those who chance to meet a wild glump coming home late at night, past a graveyard, all alone in a storm:

Don’t bump the glump.

Advice well taken. Does satirist-cartoonist Garry Trudeau read Silverstein? Probably. Does he heed Silverstein? Almost never. Else not this.


I have been watching candidate Donald Trump these past 30 years, and so has Trudeau apparently. Only he’s done it better. Since Trump formally became a candidate for president last year he has gotten huge, and Trudeau has responded accordingly. Earlier this year, as Trump loomed ever more huge, Trudeau came out with a book featuring his 30-year history with Trump, and the title is Yuge. I mean, it’s not the title that’s huge, I mean the title is actually Yuge. And it’s all about Trump.

Get the book. I did. I obtained a copy at the mall on Thursday, and for the purpose of review I obtained a Kindle edition. It’s best to précis this collection by citing a few examples:

His initial flirtation with the presidency in 1987 (and a historical step into tomfoolery):



His fascination with fascinating bimbos:

Books-YugeBimbo-01 Books-YugeBimbo-02 Books-YugeBimbo-03

His foray into the rarefied atmosphere of academia:


And more fun with American politics and its gaggle of losers, otherwise known as voters:


It’s all here, readers. My guess: this collection is going to be one you will want to pass on to your grandchildren. It’s likely they will conclude it’s a work of fiction, but you and I will know better.

Stand by for more on candidate Trump. As the circus enters its concluding acts I have plans to establish a religion based on Trumpisms. Some would call this beating a dead horse, but then I’m not the one who killed this carcass.


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