Your Friend The Handgun

Nothing new here, folks.

If you don’t believe your handgun is your friend, ask Miguel Hector Pugo. His semi-auto pistol came in handy when he found it necessary to confront a troublesome wife:

The kidnapping charge against the suspect originated on March 8, when he was accused of kidnapping his wife of two years at gunpoint and pistol whipping her, according to Lt. Eddie Hernandez with Sheriff’s Department.

The woman was able to escape after the suspect stopped at the victim’s mother’s house to allow her to use the restroom, according to the news release.

On Friday, deputies spotted his vehicle on West 99th Street and Budlong Avenue, Hernandez said.

When deputies tried to pull him over, he accelerated and the pursuit ensued, according to Hernandez.

Again, Mr. Pugo’s handgun came in handy when the police just positively refused to back off and allow him to go about his business.



How many different ways are there to say, “Go away and quit bothering me?”


Ow! That didn’t go well. Keep this in mind, and we like to remind friends of handguns, “Your results may vary.” As it turned out in this case… As it turns out in most all cases, the police are better with that first shot than your average man on the street, man running from the police, man deciding to trade shots with the police.

I have not followed up on the saga of Mr. Miguel Pugo, but I suspect once he gets out of the hospital and once he gets out of jail, his privileges regarding the carrying of a handgun will be severely restricted. In retrospect, Mr. Pugo is lucky he was not on the DHS no-fly list, else he would have had to face the cops with just a finger of his right hand.


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