Friday Funny

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If you’re reading this, it must be Friday already. So, what’s funny? How about this:

Texans could be forgiven for thinking terrorists are streaming over the border and into the state. It’s been said enough times.

For example, Gov. Greg Abbott in May told an audience of thousands at the state’s Republican convention that the Islamic State group had breached the gates.

He said, “Our country better wake up. We’re facing an existential threat. ISIS is running through the border made porous by Barack Obama’s policies.”

Yes, that’s right. The governor of the state of Texas is in possession of a source available only to himself. Little did Texans know when they promoted Attorney General Abbott to the office of Governor what a bargain they were getting. Texas received not only a stalwart defender of Texans against the corrosive influence of the 21st century, they also obtained the deep knowledge of a psychic of the first kind.

And that is funny. So how come I’m not laughing?


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