Curious Meme

Could become a continuing series


This bounced onto my Facebook feed early today, and I cannot resist. It was posted by a “friend” I know to not be right wing, so I am sure he sees the same humor I do. Please note the language. I have duplicated the interesting use of capitalization and grammar:

A Muslim can murder 50 homosexuals, and Liberals still defend the religion, but a Christian who refuses to bake a homosexual’s wedding cake endures nationwide shaming on behalf of their religion…. This is how ridiculous liberals look to everybody these days.

We are encouraged to “Like & Share.” Attribution is given to, “Breaking headlines without The Liberal Bias.”

The irony is hard to escape. What the creator imagines he is doing is exposing liberal bias. What has happened, instead, is that some curious conservative thinking has been exposed. I will point out:

  • A Christian who murdered 168 people in Oklahoma City was, himself, condemned. And executed. This person was inspired by such organizations as The Covenant, Sword and Arm of the Lord, not quite a Muslim country club. Christianity was not condemned.
  • A Christian who refuses to do business with homosexuals is ridiculed personally for acting contrary to supposedly Christian principles. Christianity, as a religion, escapes. Note Fred Rogers.
  • I am a liberal, and I condemn the Muslim religion. These people cling to absurd notions such as the Earth being created 6000 years ago and people ascending into Heaven. Come to think of it, so do Christians. It turns out I condemn all religions.

And this is a very curious meme.

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