Friday Funny

One of a series

This series is dedicated to Friday, and also humor, often ghastly, generally unintended, but comical , nontheless.  Here is something from The Dallas Observer. The article lists “Top 10 Things First Baptist Dallas Pastor Robert Jeffress Thinks.” There, the title gives it away. Robert Jeffress is pastor of the First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas. If you are not acquainted with this institution, be it known this is no fly-by-night operation:

First Baptist Church is a Southern Baptist megachurch located in Dallas, Texas. It was established in 1868 and as of 2011 has a congregation of about 10,000. The church, considered influential among evangelical Christians in the United States, also owns and operates a school, a college, several radio stations, and Dallas Life, a mission for the homeless on the southern edge of Downtown Dallas. The current pastor is Robert Jeffress. Jeffress is currently leading the congregation in a $130 million campaign to re-create its downtown campus. The project is the largest in modern church history.

I won’t list the top 10 things Pastor Jeffress believes, though they are mostly funny. I will just mention one. Here is, in fact, number one:

1. Robert Jeffress thinks contemporary American Christians face similar challenges to Jews in pre-war Germany. 
“We’re not having our heads chopped off like Christians in the Middle East by ISIS, but you’ve heard me say before, I think when you look at what happened in Germany, look the Nazis didn’t take the Jews to the crematorium immediately. They wouldn’t have been allowed to do that by the German citizens. What the Nazis did was a program of making the Jews the object of ridicule and contempt in the eyes of the  German people, and only once they had marginalized them, were they able to take away their rights.”

You don’t have to laugh. Just smile.

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