Bad Joke of the Week

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I have this car, it’s not a fancy car, but it gets me around. And I have a bumper sticker. It’s a simple design, just the outline of a fish, but a fish with feet. And the word “Darwin.”

So the light turned red one day, and I stopped. A car pulled up beside me. And honked. I looked over. The car was flying the Confederate battle flag, and there were some rough characters inside, and one of them shot me the finger. Another shouted, “Fuckin’ atheist, I hope you burn in Hell. And real soon.” Another shouted, “Fuckin’ nigger lover!” I could see at least two of them were carrying some serious artillery.

I sort of froze and looked straight ahead. Hoping all this would go away. The light turned green, and the other car shot forward amid more shouts and more fingers. I couldn’t move for a moment.

Suddenly a large flatbed trailer truck carrying oil well piping roared through the intersection. It hit the other car, and I watched in horror as the car caught fire, and all the people inside burned to death. All I could think about was, “Holy shit. That could have been me.”

So the next day I went out and got a job as a truck driver.

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