Your Friend The Handgun

More of the same

Another tale of how owning a handgun can add spice to your life. Otherwise known as, “How’s that working out?” Let’s take the case of former New Orleans Saints defensive end Will Smith. From Yahoo Sports:

Smith was scheduled to earn $10.15 million in cash compensation in 2013, including a $1 million roster bonus on the 15th day of the league year, a $9 million base salary and a $150,000 workout bonus. Smith was scheduled to count $14.502 million against the cap. In the renegotiated deal, Smith’s $1 million roster bonus and $150,000 workout bonus remain, but his salary has been reduced to $3 million, a $6 million pay cut that lowers his cap number to $8.502 million for the upcoming season.

Of course, Mr. Smith has been out of work since being cut from the New England Patriots two years ago. So, let’s talk about someone else. Let’s talk about Cardell Hayes, because Mr. Smith is now dead, apparently killed by Mr. Hayes. It happened this way.

It was your typical Saturday night in the New Orleans French Quarter, a night out for both, some fine dining, maybe some drinks, a few handguns. Then out on the streets of New Orleans. Mr. Smith’s Mercedes Benz bumps Mr. Hayes’s Hummer. Then drives off. Mr. Hayes follows, and bumps Mr. Smith’s Mercedes. A few seconds later Mr. Smith is dead. Shot eight times by Mr. Hayes, including seven times in the back. Mrs. Smith is recovering in a hospital with multiple gunshot wounds.

Besides the handgun Mr. Hayes used on Mr. Smith, he had yet another one he left in his car. Mr. Smith, likewise had a handgun, which he left in his car before stepping out and into eternity. To be sure I am going to be told that Mr. Smith was an idiot for getting out of his car and leaving his handgun behind. Will somebody please tell me things would have turned out better if both men had brought their guns to a fistfight?

Mr. Hayes, not your Sunday go to meeting choir boy to begin with, is now facing a life term for second degree murder. You have to wonder if this is what he had in mind when he decided to purchase that handgun.


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