Bad Movie Wednesday

One of a continuing series

This is the third of the Marvel Studios super heroes collection I have reviewed. Previous reviews were Captain America and Thor. This is Iron Man, with Robert Downey Jr. in the title role, otherwise known as Tony Stark, profligate playboy, genius, and industrialist. This is a production of Marvel Studios, distributed by Paramount Pictures. Images are from the DVD. Details are from Wikipedia.

Here we see the opening scene with Tony’s convoy in Afghanistan being attacked by a militant group called the Ten Rings and led by warlord Raza (Faran Tahir). Tony is captured, badly injured.


There is a flashback 36 hours before in Las Vegas, where Tony is supposed to be receiving an award from the United States military for developing highly successful weapons of mass destruction. Instead of attending the ceremony he is shooting craps with scantily-clad wenches. He finishes up the evening enjoying wild sex with a blond reporter.


After a night of wild sex, the reporter is left naked and alone in Tony’s fabulous Malibu mansion. Tony’s invaluable assistant Pepper Potts, no slouch of a wench herself, brings the blond bimbo her clothing all dry-cleaned.


Back in Afghanistan Tony is taken to Raza’s cave hideout and ordered to construct from parts a unit of his most recent weapon of mass destruction. Tony is kept alive by a device planted over his heart, said device having been devised by fellow captive, Yinsen (Shaun Toub). Instead of reconstructing Tony’s most recent WMD, the two build an armor suit for Tony. Tony incorporates into it a replacement power supply for the device over his heart based on a new power generation technique he has developed. The two make their break for freedom. Yensen is killed, but Tony, as Iron Man, emerges from the cave and demolishes most of the Ten Rings operation. Raza significantly escapes.


Back in the U.S. of A. Tony orders his company, Stark Industries, to convert to more beneficial products. He starts work privately in a production model of his Iron Man suit. In his first field operation, Iron Man saves villagers in a war-torn region from being slaughtered by marauding militants.


Unfortunately, and also to make this story interesting, Tony’s business manager, Obadiah Stane (Jeff Bridges), has secretly been selling Stark Industries weapons to the warlords, and Raza clues him in on the Iron Man technology. Stane has a unit constructed for himself, only larger and more powerful. He and Tony must have a battle to the death to finish out the movie.


By now Tony and Pepper are definitely a thing, although they never even kiss, let alone bed down. Tony announces at a press conference that he is Iron Man, and that is the end of the movie. We are sure in the sequel there will be more action between Tony and hot Pepper Potts.

As with all, this is a comic book story inflated into an extra dimension through the magic of moving pictures, complete with character development and extra detail. The action moves, the characters are realistic, if hyperbolic (this is a comic book story). Taking that into account, in places the plot is stretched.

  • I’m guessing Raza wants to capture Tony Stark and get his technology. How does he go about this? His gang destroys the convoy Tony is in, killing everybody but Tony, who escapes by a thin miracle. That doesn’t make a lot of sense.
  • Tony is a smart guy and good with his hands, but developing a new weapons suit in a cave in Afghanistan under the eyes of his guards? Nah.
  • The Iron Man suit is practically indestructible, surviving tremendous impacts with the ground and other solid objects. By rights the person inside should have been turned to mush after the first few hard knocks. Comic book fiction, I know, but less than credible.

Hey, the score by Ramin Djawadi is fantastic. Check it out.

I have these Marvel DVDs on loan from a friend. I will see if I can borrow the remaining copies for review. Keep reading.


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