There’s something happening here

Possibly one of a continuing series

Hold on just a moment. I need to figure out if this is for real:


Allow me to transcribe so search engines can find this:

Toaddly Boss > Bundy Ranch

This has been a nightmare for us. The whole world is laughing at us because the liberal media is painting us as a bunch of inbred idiots. They are DELIBERATLY not telling people what’s happening and all over the world, all over their twiotter, all over facebook the sodomiztes are mocking us.

Nah. Can’t be. There has to be a different interpretation—one that makes sense. I mean, grown people don’t do this kind of shit. Then maybe they do:

On Thursday Blaine Cooper, one of the anti-government terrorists who is participating in the armed takeover of a bird sanctuary in Oregon, put out a call for snacks on social media.

According to the terrorist group, now known as Ya’llQueda, the armed militants decided to seize the more than 100 year old wildlife refuge because it is a symbol of everything that is wrong in America, such as not being able to set fire to public lands, turn yourfreeloading cattle loose to feed off American taxpayers, or even ride your ATV through ancient archaeological sites, the way, according to Ammon Bundy “we used to could do.”

But wait. That’s just what “Toadally Boss” (to Bundy Ranch) claims the liberal media are doing (“media” is a plural noun). Note the foregoing was posted on the liberal It’s going to be a different matter if serious outlets are singing the same tune. Here’s something from PBS:

BURNS, Ore. — Ammon Bundy emerged from a small brick building at the headquarters of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge shortly after 11 a.m. local time Sunday.

He wouldn’t say how many protesters were present at the site of the occupied federal complex, but fewer than 20 people were visible Sunday afternoon.

The leader of the occupation spoke in cool, calm tones as he explained why he and other self-described militiamen broke into and took over the complex Saturday.

“This refuge, from its very inception has been a tool of tyranny,” said Bundy. He believes the federal government overstepped its constitutional bounds in its original purchase of the land back in 1908.

And no mention of needing snacks. But others do:

While Ammon Bundy initially told The Oregonian that his group was ready to occupy the building “for years, absolutely,” posts are circulating on social media that are asking for, among other things, cold weather supplies (including socks) and the aforementioned snacks and energy drinks on behalf of the group.

As we all can imagine, the liberal shit hit the fan over this. Twitter went wild. No mercy was shown. Here’s part of a larger load:


That has got to hurt. Here is some more:



It saddens me to see that people can be so unbelievably cruel. Next they are going to compare the Bundy Ranch gang to a Tea Party carnival act. Keep at it, Bundy pokes. The nation is due some comic relief.



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