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Somebody was bound to do it. Along these same lines, I was bound to catch on sooner or later. It’s the FAKE NEWS SITE. Yes, Web sites that host fake news reports that are supposed to be recognized as fake news, as opposed to other fake news sites. One of these is

You can not have missed it, the satire website that has gone viral, is a website that is responsible for bringing some major hoaxes to the world. They published a hoax that McDonald is serving human meat and that Justin Bieber had killed a 7 year old boy, not just after that published a fake story about the Flappy Bird developer that would have committed suicide. is using the fact that people want to believe these kind of stories, some of them are being fooled by false titles and some of the people actually believe the stories. Now the embarrassing part comes when journalists that work for  big news companies report on these idiotic hoaxes. They are one of the reasons why actual relevant news is not being reported on.

The journalists that report on these cases and the Huzler websites and several other affiliates are using these tricks to gain massive traffic. But it is the same method Hackers are using on social media websites to scam on people. They spread massive hoaxes of shocking videos which unaware people click on. These hoaxes often lead to malicious websites that try to fool the user to install a malicious application on their social media account or on their personal computer.

Now, that’s funny.

I mean, who would believe these stories? Like this one:

Semen Found In Starbucks Drinks Nationwide; FDA Currently Investigating

SEATTLE – it has been reported that the coffee selling giant Starbucks has allegedly been including semen in their products for the last 3 months, after semen samples were found in the back of Starbucks stores.
Apparently human semen added “more flavor” to the beverages on sale. The FDA is currently investigating the company as there are many questions to be answered.

The FDA is currently trying to find out where the semen is coming from. It is currently unknown if the semen is from humans or animals; and if from humans, is it infected semen?

Oh, my God! That is so idiotic. Does anybody really believe this stuff? Apparently so.

A pastor known for his opposition to gay rights has warned women to avoid drinking Starbucks coffee because they might become pregnant from the sodomite semen the drinks are laced with.

Pastor James David Manning of the Atlah Worldwide Church in Harlem, New York continues to promote a story fabricated by the fake news site as “the absolute truth.”

Readers, please meet Pastor James David Manning of the ATLAH Worldwide Church in Harlem:

James David Manning (born February 20, 1947) is chief pastor at the ATLAH World Missionary Church on 123rd Street in New York City. Manning grew up in Red Springs, North Carolina, born to an African American family, and has been at ATLAH since 1981. ATLAH stands for All The Land Anointed Holy, which is Manning’s name for Harlem.

Manning’s congregation, “ATLAH Worldwide Missionary Church” is the former Bethelite Missionary Baptist Church. The church is also the site of the ATLAH Theological Seminary, which offers classes on preaching and prophecy. Through the ATLAH church, Manning hosts an online series called The Manning Report, which features criticism on such topics as the negative influence of black celebrities, homosexuality and the alleged criminal acts of current U.S. President Barack Obama.

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How far does this go? It’s worth finding out. The Reverend Manning continues:

“So my question is, where are they getting all this semen from?” Manning rhetorically asked. “My suspicion is that they’re getting this semen from sodomites. And somebody has discovered that semen, like cord blood, has the opportunity and it has millions and millions of little zygotes in it and it flavors up the coffee. And it makes you think you’re having a good time drinking that cup of latte with the semen in it.”

“I’m not making this up!” Manning screamed.

It’s true. He’s not making it up. Somebody else is making it up, and the Reverend Manning is purchasing the entire load. Of course, that’s the Reverend Manning’s stock and trade. As a Christian minister he gets information from a thousands-year-old book of fiction and passes it along as truth. This appears to be a rut that’s difficult to escape.

Is it possible that based solely on his readings of Huzler the Reverend Manning has become an authority on the matter?

In a new video released this week, Manning at first said that the semen had a “synthetic quality” but elsewhere, while warning women not to drink Starbucks coffee, he said the semen was “potent.”

Scandalous! Not even natural-tasting semen. This semen has a “synthetic quality.” I shudder to think how the Reverend Manning became an authority on the taste of semen.

“And if you’re drinking Starbucks, watch out if you’re a woman, you might just get pregnant by drinking Starbucks, because it’s got some pretty potent semen in that drink,” Manning said. “And you will go home and tell your husband you’re pregnant. He said, ‘but we haven’t had sexual intercourse in years. Where did you get pregnant? Is it an immaculate conception?’ No! It was one of Starbucks’ lattes that impregnated you.”

Lord of mercy, another miracle. Pregnancy without coitus. The power of Jesus is not to be trifled with. Now we know how Mary’s husband Joseph must have felt. Can you imagine his reaction:

You little slut. You’ve been to Starbucks again, haven’t you.

Merry Christmas, readers. And may Jesus have mercy on your soul.


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