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First I need to tell you what everybody already knows. What everybody already knows is that the Earth and everything on it were created about 6000 years ago. People, too. And there was also a world-wide flood that killed everything on Earth except for a Bronze Age family and selected species of animals. But everybody already knows that. So what is this about? It’s about the evidence for these facts.

The evidence can be found at an advanced museum of creation knowledge located on Texas Farm Road 205 outside Glen Rose, Texas. You go across the bridge and it’s there on the right, just before you get to Dinosaur Valley State Park. You will know you are there when you see the sign that says “Evidence Here.”

So, what’s there? Why, the evidence, of course. The evidence for the creation and the great flood just described. And you could not ask for more. Actually, it would be hard to ask for less. Let’s go inside.


At the door you will be warned you are entering an area worthy of great caution. No smoking. Oxygen is in use. The hyperbaric chamber is operating. There is a possibility its power will affect your pacemaker. Family and group rates are available.

Inside you will see all the evidence. I will repost here part of what I wrote 18 years ago:

The interior of the museum has been thoroughly remodeled with new and expanded exhibits, and Baugh speaks to visitors as a recorded voice, and the recording operates spotlights in the room, highlighting in turn the particular features being discussed. What a story he has to tell. Here is a synopsis created from my notes, with some of my interpretations within brackets. My apologies to Mr. Baugh if I have missed some of his finer points:

Day 1: Electrolysis by the spirit of God moving on the waters separates water into its components, oxygen and hydrogen.Day 2: Oxygen and hydrogen crystallize into a spherical “canopy” around the Earth. The canopy glows a magenta color under sunlight [producing a light that is very beneficial to things living on the planet].

Day 3: Robert Gentry has previously demonstrated that granite was created in about 0.164 second. The evidence for this is the presence of pleochroic halos [which indicate the prior existence of short-lived radioactive isotopes in the stone at the time it was formed]. [Arthur Strahler discusses this subject in his excellent book Science and Earth History.[3]]

Day 4: God stretched out the heavens. The fabric of the universe was stretched out in a manner which, according to Einstein’s equations and the equations of quantum mechanics, caused a few hours time to give the appearance of millions of years. Russell Humphreys, a Ph.D. physicist working at Sandia National Laboratory has published equations that demonstrate that if the dimensions of the universe were stretched in this manner, then millions of years in outer space would be equivalent to only thousands of years on Earth.

Day 5: There is still a pinkish glow on the Earth. The canopy 10 miles above the Earth’s surface has compressed the air to produce this effect. Also, the Earth’s electromagnetic energy is stronger and there is no UV radiation [because of the canopy] to cause free radical damage, allowing living organisms to express their optimal genetic information.

Day 6: The fabric of the universe continued to stretch out.

Hundreds of years later: From science we know that the thought processes of man in discord can affect nuclear decay. The discord and violence in man during this time would disrupt the nuclear reactions within the Earth, causing enormous heating and causing 70-mile-high fountains of water to burst through the granite crust and to penetrate and disrupt the canopy above the Earth. This would result in the rain that drowned all but Noah’s family and the animals on his ark. Also during this time the creator bowed the heavens, further stretching the fabric of the universe. [There is some mention of the Moon bringing the waters into resonance, but I could not follow the explanation.] Baugh also reminds the audience of the quantum interconnection between all parts of the universe. [See Roger Penrose for more on this.]

About 200 years after the flood was the Peleg episode[4] during which the Earth expanded and divided. There was a 10% expansion in the Earth’s radius due to internal thermonuclear reactions. During the original creation and during the Peleg episode the continental land masses were thrust upon each other producing the ice ages, which lasted 100s of years instead of 1000s of years. This and the previous episode of thermonuclear expansion are confirmed by geophysics. Since the canopy was gone, the Earth’s electromagnetic field could not be contained, and it dissipated into space. Likewise a portion of the Earth’s gravitational attraction was lost, and there was [and has been since] a smaller oxygen ratio resulting in compromised and shorter-lived life forms. Also, the spring 1995 issue of Scientific American contains a report that in 1500 years all of the Earth’s electromagnetic field will be lost unless there is a return of the creator. [Since Scientific American did not publish a spring 1995 issue, I have had a hard time tracking down this reference.]

Finally, there will be in the future a millennial sphere in which people will live in utopia. Music will play in the heads of the inhabitants.

This is all great stuff, but the hyperbaric chamber is the star of the exhibit. Let me explain.

You see, 6000 years ago, right after God created Earth and everything on it, including people, things were pretty peachy. Life was good. People went around naked, of course there were only two of them. Tigers didn’t eat little bunny rabbits. There was never any bad weather, and nobody needed under arm deodorant.

And the reason everything was so peachy was the atmospheric pressure. It was twice what we have today, and that increased the oxygen partial pressure, so living things got plenty of oxygen and lived longer lives, and people lived for hundreds of years.

Then things started to go south.

One of the people, a woman, was having a conversation with snake (who was really a demon in disguise), and the snake would walk and talk, because back then I guess snakes had legs. But anyhow the snake persuaded the woman to eat some fruit that was forbidden by God, and then she shared it with the man, who was the other person on Earth. Of course, they figured that God, who created everything in just six days, and was omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent, would never ever find out. But he did in his tender, loving way, and he cast the people out of their Paradise on Earth, and they thereafter had to clothe themselves and to grub for their existence and also screw to make babies.

Then things got worse. God decided the entire science project had gone haywire, and the people were behaving badly, so he decided to reset the system and start over. He figured he needed to save some seed stock, so he picked a hapless individual to save selected animals and his own family, and then God flooded the whole place and drowned everything else.

Of course atheist scientists these days would tell you that kind of thing is impossible. First of all, there’s not enough water on this planet to cover the tallest mountains, which even now reach nearly six miles above sea level. But creation scientists properly tell us that was no problem, since there were no high mountains then, and it didn’t take all that much water to cover the Earth and drown everything out. They tell us the double pressure in those days was due to the water in the atmosphere, which a quick calculation indicates would have to be about 34 feet worth of liquid.

Anyhow, all that liquid came down in about 40 days (and nights), and about the same time great upheavals vastly changed the face of the earth, and the water ran into the oceans and into cracks that opened up in the ground. And gone was the double oxygen partial pressure, and gone was the prospect of living hundreds of years. Bummer!

Anyhow, that’s what the hyperbaric chamber is to demonstrate. You grow stuff at double pressure, and you will see the miracle that existed prior to The Flood. I previously dipped a bit into the story behind the hyperbaric chamber.

Carl Baugh’s fascination with hyperbaric chambers has previously been mentioned. Located at the rear of the exhibition area is a working chamber, which museum operator Doyle Roberts says is kept at 13 psi above atmospheric pressure. It’s about 30 inches in diameter and 7 feet long with numerous viewing windows, and Baugh’s presentation states it is the world’s first hyperbaric biosphere. We are told that the lives of fruit flies have been extended, and the molecular structure of snakes has been altered; simply by placing them in the chamber. Additionally, near the chamber there is a large aquarium containing two full-grown piranhas, which are affected by the electromagnetic energy of the chamber. This chamber has gained the attention of scientists at NASA.

Of course, that is all great news, but there is more to Carl Baugh than you would get from these goings on. Over 14 years ago I obtained a tape of a radio show from the producer. The program featured Baugh expounding on a view of science you will not even get from the Bible. I wrote an item for the newsletter of The North Texas Skeptics, and I’ve reposted it for your reading pleasure.

Take a walk on the museum grounds, and you will be treated to an industrial strength version of the hyperbaric chamber.




Take a look at this mother. Apparently an all-weather enclosure was in the works at the time I took this photo, but, as I mentioned before, there are issues with putting this contraption into service:

No mention is made about the future of the existing hyperbaric chamber shell still resting on the grounds of the museum. When I first visited the site and toured the inside of the tank, I noted that it was far from being a hyperbaric chamber in its then current state. A number of circular openings had been sawed or flame-cut in the shell to let in light. Screw holes had been drilled adjacent to the openings to facilitate the installation of protective coverings, but at time only clear plastic sheeting was in place. The plastic sheeting is now gone. In order for this structure to become a hyperbaric chamber, it will have to be modified to become pressure tight, which means at the least that pressure flanges will have to be welded to these new openings, and appropriate view ports will have to be installed. Additionally, the State of Texas will have to inspect the finished product and issue a pressure vessel certificate before the operators will be allowed to increase inside pressure more than about a few pounds per square inch. This is not likely to happen, considering the deteriorated state of the tank. The only improvement I note since my first visit four years ago is that the tank now rests on a concrete slab instead of lying on the ground.

The remaining oddities of the museum are worth the price of admission. That is if you have a yearning to have your intelligence insulted:

The museum’s other major attractions include artifacts that have become hallmarks of the Carl Baugh phenomenon:

  • The hammer in the stone, the original of which is kept in a bank vault and which is exhibited here only as a replica. In fact, hammer in stone replicas are for sale to the public, and the ones I have seen would be hard to tell from the original. The idea behind the hammer in the stone is that it was found in what Baugh claims was native rock, demonstrating that people (who must have made the hammer) lived at the time the rock was created. Baugh further asserts that analysis of the hammer head reveals it to be remarkably pure iron with 2.6% chlorine bonded to the iron.
  • Likewise the famous Burdick Track is exhibited in replica. It is about 14 inches long in a piece of flat stone and, though it looks like no human print I have ever seen, it is neither ape nor reptilian. The print has been sectioned by means of thin saw cuts across the middle of the foot and across the toes in four places all-together. A selected cross-section through the toes is being exhibited by Baugh and others to demonstrate that the print was made by an impression in soft soil and not by carving.
  • The finger is another of Baugh’s prime exhibits. Although some scientists assert it looks for all the world like a fossilized worm hole, Baugh has had this item examined by 20 medical experts and has had it x-rayed and CAT-scanned. The result, he says, is that it exhibits the internal structure of an actual human finger. This curious fossil, with its remarkable fingernail-like feature, shows no evidence of any finger joints where there should be at least one and perhaps two. Visitors at the museum can purchase postcards picturing the finger.


Trust me, a postcard featuring the finger is worth the trip.

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