Winning Friends And Influencing People

That piece of shit finally hit the fan.


When the inevitable finally happened the whole nasty business had the imprint of the Russian President:

Rebel’s Social Media Post At Center Of Blame Game For Ukraine Plane Crash

The leader of the pro-Russia rebel group that controls the area where Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crashed on Thursday reportedly posted a warning on social media just as news about the commercial jet was breaking.

“We did warn you — do not fly in our sky,” it reportedly said.

According to Mashable, Igor Gorkin, also known as Igor Strelkov, said that “a plane has just been downed” on, Russia’s Facebook-like social network, around the same time that Flight 17 went missing.

Strelkov “deleted the post when he found out it was actually a commercial jetliner carrying 295 innocent people — not a military aircraft,” Mashable reported.

As they would say in Russian, “Oй!”

Somebody who wasn’t saying “oops” was our own golden Rush Limbaugh. As it was, he seemed to get some lift from it:

Rush Limbaugh Claims Malaysian Airliner Was Shot Down In a Conspiracy To Help Obama

RUSH: Holy cow, folks. Have you seen the news? A Malaysian Airlines flight has been shot down by a missile over Ukraine, at least according to an advisory to Ukraine’s interior ministry. The Interfax News Agency — which has nothing to do with fax machines. It’s what the Soviets used to call their news agency, Interfax. You didn’t know that, did you?

They even had a hotel chain called Interfax and everybody thought, “What? Is it fax machines?” and it had nothing to do with that. Anyway, it’s a Malaysian Airlines jet. You know, I’ve got the British Open on to the top monitor. I haven’t had CNN on all day. What do you bet they have broomed everything and are covering wall-to-wall the Malaysian Airlines flight shot down by a missile?

Way to go, Golden Boy. Score points while you can. The shine is about to come off this gift from your friend Vlad.

We used to think Vladimir Putin was a fairly mean character, but some in this country have more recently attempted to give him a face lift:

Republicans, conservative pundits, and evangelical fanatics have lined up behind their prototypical conservative Putin, and contrary to what some may think, it is not solely because they hate President Obama they have spent no small amount of time comparing to the Russian president. This past week Fox News strategic analyst Ralph Peters was effusive in praising Russia he asserted “has a real leader, while our President is incapable and unwilling to lead.” Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani could barely contain his enthusiasm for Putin and said “Putin decides what he wants to do and does it in half a day. He makes a decision and executes it quickly and everybody reacts. That’s what you call a real leader.”

But if you really want the lowdown on Mad Vlad you need to listen to somebody who should know, because she can see Russia from her office:

Look, the perception of Obama, of him and his potency across the world is one of such weakness … People are looking at Putin as one who wrestles bears and drills for oil. They look at our president as one who wears mom jeans and equivocates and bloviates.

Vlad, we don’t care if the rest of the world thinks you’re a mindless thug. If all MH17 business makes it too hot for you, then you can always come here. You can even run for president. Just kidding. What need have you for elections?

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