Bad Joke of the Week

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It’s the biggest game of the season, and this man decides he just has to get tickets. Unfortunately they’re nearly sold out and the only tickets he can get are at the farthest most upper part of the stadium, nose bleed seats. So the games about to start and he’s looking down at the sidelines with a pair of binoculars, when he notices an empty seat right at 50 yard line, right next to the sideline that’s empty. He says to himself “If that seats empty at the end of the 1st quarter, I’m going down and taking it”
At the end of the 1st, it’s still empty. He heads down to the seat, looks over at an old man sitting right next to it and asks him if it’s taken. The old man says no, go ahead.
The man asks “Did you pay for the ticket to this seat?” To which the old man replies “Yes, my wife and I use to go to this game every year, and we always got these exacts seats.” The man says, “I’m sorry to hear about your loss, but don’t you have a buddy or somebody you could bring along with you?”
The old man replies, “Sure, but they’re all at her funeral.”

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