Chicks on the Right

The title is relevant. There is such an entity as Chicks on the Right.

I was running low on inspiration this morning, so I reverted to one of my less honorable tactics. I Trolled a conservative former Facebook friend to see what she was posting. Of course, there was a lot of useful stuff, but inevitably I came across one of these:

‘I Don’t Trust You’: 14 Year-Old Confronts School After Her Dad’s Arrest for Breaking 2 Min. Rule

Screen shot from IJReview

Screen shot from IJReview

This is really hot stuff. It would appear these conservatives are really onto something here. Some skeptical analysis may be in order. Let’s see the referenced item. This is from IJReview:

‘I Don’t Trust You’: 14 Year-Old Confronts School After Her Dad’s Arrest for Breaking 2 Min. Rule

When concerned father William Baer spoke up about a salacious book at a Gilford, N.H., school board meeting and then overran his allotted time of two minutes, police led him out in handcuffs. His daughter Marina Baer confronted those who stood by while a police officer arrested the man for “disorderly conduct”:

“I just watched my father get arrested because he broke the two minute rule, at a board of education meeting. This just shows that you resort to force at the first turn of conflict and I am appalled. So I don’t trust you, I haven’t, and I honestly don’t feel safe around you people.”

The book in question, 19 minutes, contains graphic sexual content, such as a lurid phrase about intercourse, “Semen, sticky and hot, pooled on the carpet beneath her.” Apparently, this is what happens to parents who object to such content being taught by “liberal” educators nowadays – they get led out in handcuffs.

People, this is so bad. And what a spunky teenager she is—calling out the oppressive liberal officialdom over their jack-booted tactics. It is so like these left-leaning administrators to foist sexually explicit readings on small children and then use police oppression to quash any objection to their shadowy agenda and to discipline on the slightest pretext anybody who opposes them.

In the interest of skeptical analysis I did a quick Google search on Miss Baer’s words, “‘I Don’t Trust You’: 14 Year-Old Confronts School After Her Dad’s Arrest for Breaking 2 Min. Rule,” and came up with these hits on the first page of results:

That is so damning of the school board and their police tactics. And it is so laudatory of Miss Baer for protesting her father’s arrest on a pretext. I did not dig into all these Google hits, but the text that came up every time was the reference to Baer’s going over his alloted time. There is no reference to any serious offense that should get an honest man arrested.

There’s a problem. Call me skeptical if you wish, but something smelled about the whole thing. I’ve never been arrested before, if you don’t count my “arrest” by some firemen five years ago, and I’ve been around for a long time. What I have seen is that police generally have much better things to do with their time than to arrest people for going over their two minutes alloted time. So I dug deeper. It was necessary to dig only a little deeper. What I found is that these conservative postings failed to mention some minor details:

He confronted school officials about the passage during a comment period at Monday’s board meeting.

According to a video of the meeting published on YouTube, the school officials cut off Baer after his allotted two minutes to speak were over.

He later piped up as another man addressed the issue.

After a heated back-and-forth with a female official, Baer was approached by a cop and told to leave.

He refused, saying, “I guess you’re going to have to arrest me.”

He was cuffed and charged with disorderly conduct.

“He spoke out of order,” Gilford Police Lt. James Leach told WMUR-TV.

“Someone else was given the floor and was speaking. He interrupted them and continued after being asked to stop.

“He was then asked to leave and refused to leave unless he was arrested, so he was arrested.”

My conservative former Facebook friend has done this kind of thing before and continues to do it on a continuing basis. She picks up on a salacious right-wing posting that highlights everything that is wrong with liberal thinking and action, and she posts it. No drilling down to get the facts behind the story. It looks good. It looks anti-liberal. So post it. This is the same person who likes to use the term “sheeple” to describe liberals. When I turned the phrase around a few weeks ago I was suddenly unfriended. “Ring and run” was the phrase that came to mind at the time.

Obviously this is a disreputable tactic that is often used by conservative pundits. This kind of use indicates to me that these conservatives have little in the way of truthful bases for attack on liberal philosophy, so they find it necessary (often) to resort to out-of-context bites. This to me has long been a vindication of my choice to side with the liberals on most issues.

Additionally, I watched the video of Miss Baer’s comments to the board. She stands before the board. She politely presents her case. She accuses them of having her father arrested on the slightest pretext. She says she had not trusted and does not “you people,” and she sits down. She make no reference to her father’s misconduct at the meeting. She says she witnessed the event, but she gives a truncated account of what happened. She says only enough and does only enough to make for a short video clip to be presented by conservative outlets. She has learned at an early age the tactics of a dishonest political movement.

Do liberals use the same, disreputable, tactic? Sorry to say, yes. Can you find such? Please do. But you have to look for it. You have to latch onto the lead story and then drill down. You have to actually do some analysis. May take some time. May require some effort. It’s not for sheeple.

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