Now I Remember

Offical government photo

Monday, it’s a slow day for me. I had to drag through the post about Mike Huckabee’s weird video. Then I had enough time to head out of the house to make a video of the school bus not stopping at the stop sign (it almost did). Back home, refilled the hummingbird feeders, made myself a huge glass of lemonade then settled back on the couch upstairs and caught the news while munching some peanuts.

Wow! The government is going to shut down. In seven hours. I thought we had until midnight. Then I realized, the government is in Washington, DC, and that’s in the Eastern Time Zone. They’re going to shut the government down an hour earlier just because they’re further east. I was hoping they would shut down in stages as midnight rolled across the time zones. But, no. They’re going to do it all at once just as soon as pumpkin time hits the White House.

Then they announced the president was going to speak. At 4 p.m. Readers, you know I will believe that when I see it. When was the last time I ever saw this president give a speech on time. Four p.m. (CDT)? How about 4:30?

No, came 4:00 CDT, and there he stepped up to the podium. He came to talk about the shutdown and how it was all the Republicans’ fault. Well, not all the Republicans. Just those in the House of Representatives. And not all the Republicans in the House of Representatives. Just a faction of those Republicans in the House of Representatives. Here’s the deal.

First Republicans said they did not want the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). That got passed. Then they sued. The Supreme Court said it was legal. Then they tried to repeal the act. Over 40 times at my last counting. That didn’t work either. Then they had an idea.

What if you refuse to pass a budget unless money for Obamacare was stripped out of it. That might not kill Obamacare, but it would seriously wound it in the knee cap.

The president didn’t budge on that. He said, “Send me a budget without conditions.” The Senate was OK with that, but the House Republicans still needed to get their way, or at least part of it.

Then the House Republicans said, “We’ll leave funding for Obamacare in the budget, but we won’t pass it unless the insurance mandate is postponed for one year.” It took me a while to figure that one out. About two seconds. Yes, postpone for one year, then take another lick at it this time next year.

But the president was speaking live this afternoon, and he told how it was. “You don’t get to extract a ransom for doing your job.”

That’s when I remembered. That’s when I remembered why I voted for this man. Twice.

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