I gave money to the Texas Freedom Network and all I got was this t-shirt

Only joking. T-shirts were free to the first 50 to show up at the rally in front of the William B. Travis Office Building in Austin yesterday. However, since I have long blown hard about giving money to the TFN and also the National Center for Science Education, I got my t-shirt and gave some money, as well. You should, too. Here’s the link.

Here's what a day in Austin will get you

The big deal was the Texas State Board of Education had hearings on Tuesday, taking comments from citizens. School texts for the 2014 year are up for adoption, and I previously participated in the review process. On Tuesday I took my turn telling the Board what was wrong with the process. I could have just kept my seat. I was in the company of professionals.

Kathy Miller heads up the TFN and was there, of course. Zack Kopplin was there. He’s moved from Louisiana and now lives in Texas. Their loss, our gain. Also Josh Rosenau. And that was not the entire team present standing up for Texas science. On Tuesday the SBOE suffered a severe indictment for its political mechanizations directed at the school curriculum.

Did I forget to mention creationists were there, as well? Don McLeroy, former SBOE spoke, giving living proof that dinosaurs have not gone extinct.

Former SBOE chair Don McLeroy at the hearings

Not to disappoint anybody, creationists Ide Trotter and Ray Bohlin showed up to speak, as well as David Shormann, whom I had never met before. It was a worthwhile trip.

I am working up a number of posts centered on the hearings, so return to this blog for more later on.

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