Kreuz Market

Good excuse as any to go to Lockhart, Texas. I had not been to Kreuz Market in over 40 years, so I figured it was time to make a return trip. I took Barbara Jean along for the experience.

It’s amazing what has changed in four decades. Kreuz Market is no longer a minor family business. Fame and reputation (one of the top barbecue places in Texas) have forced it to expand to a awesome stand-alone edifice with parking for hundreds of cars. One thing that has not changed is the barbecue and the lack of utensils. Knife only to cut the meat, no forks. And no sauce (covers the taste of the meat). Order meat by the pound, served on several sheets of brown kraft paper. Eat on a wooden table, but now varnished and with no butcher knife fixed to the table with a length of cord.

The historic Caldwell County court house is also a treasure to behold.

2 thoughts on “Kreuz Market

  1. There is a restaurant chain called the Rudy’s. It’s like the Kreuz market in your description. (Here you buy the meat by the pound. They wrap it in paper. You pick your own beer, or not. Etc.)

    There is one on the tollway near Frisco downtown.

    (I am not affiliated with this restaurant. This doesn’t constitute an endorsement. Eat here at your own risk. 🙂

  2. We have eaten at Rudy’s. There is at least one here in San Antonio, rather north of San Antonio on IH-10. Also one in Round Rock.

    We came. We saw. We took a chance. We ate. We lived.

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