Daily Video For 13 December 2011

For the record, the school buses in these videos are from the San Antonio Northside Independent School District. Enough said about that.

Some kindhearted people have suggested I find more productive use of my time. And I will, in time. For the moment, however, I find these sequences amusing, and amusement is what I seek.

I am not being judgmental. I make no comment as to whether anybody is doing anything wrong. The video sequences speak for themselves.

So, why school buses? Why not, say, private autos, UPS trucks, mail trucks? The answer is school buses are big and yellow and run on a schedule. And I own them, partially.

There is another matter, as well. What is not apparent is that the school buses are the most diligent about stopping (or almost stopping) at the stop sign. Nobody, but nobody, else even comes close to stopping.

Take a look at the first video. While the bus driver makes a good pretense of coming to a stop, the car following the bus does not even bother. Let’s all hear it for our valiant bus drivers.

First Video

Second Video

Three cheers! The afternoon driver came to a complete stop.

Third Video

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