I Am So Sorry

Recently I was reminded of the humorous story about the little boy who prayed for a bicycle. He prayed to God but to no avail. No bicycle came his way. So he stole a bicycle and then prayed for forgiveness.

I found the story so humorous and so heartwarming.  What a wondrous religious belief it is that provides the ultimate plea deal. Forget about the distress of the person who has been wronged. Ask for forgiveness, and all will be forgotten. No restitution will be required, and no punishment will be assigned. It is the best kind of scot-free.

There is one proviso, however, You cannot ask forgiveness from just anybody. You have to ask one special person. No other will do. Ask forgiveness from the wrong source, and there will be no absolution. You will still be in deep doo-doo. Your tough luck.

So I thought about this wise and thoughtful child and his wonderful gift of insight.

And for some reason I thought about Newt Gingrich.

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