Introducing Skeptical Analysis

I am a semi-retired engineer with a long history of writing, photography and skeptical interests. Most recently I have been Web master for The North Texas Skeptics (NTS).

I do a lot of writing for the NTS newsletter, and in this capacity I get to review divergent literature from all kinds of dubious sources. Creationist sources are a main theme of mine, and this line of study has opened for me the outpourings of many of the notable creationist authors and advocates of our time. I have also had the opportunity to meet a number of creationism advocates of both the young Earth and the Intelligent Design variety. This blog will feature posts touching on research and analysis of creationists’ writings and other forms of creationism advocacy. I will pick up on current events related to creationism advocacy and will also be posting some of the items I have previously written on the topic.

Along with several other NTS members, I underwrite the North Texas Skeptics Paranormal Challenge. We offer $12,000 to any person who can demonstrate under controlled testing some form of the paranormal or paranormal abilities, that form to be determined by agreement between the underwriters and the person making the claim.   At least once a month we receive a new contact from somebody with a claim of the paranormal, and we work with those who are interested in making a go for the prize. The proceedings are often bizarre, and usually there is a touch of humor.

Physicist Robert Park is skeptic at heart and a favorite blogger of mine. His weekly column is a constant source of inspiration for me, and I typically follow up on Bob’s lead with interesting results. The supposed cell phone link to cancer and phony bomb/drug detectors are among Bob’s popular topics, and you will be seeing reviews of some of the more interesting episodes.

The NTS is a non-political, tax-deductible organization, but this blog has no such restrictions. I am keenly interested in the current political climate, and there will be many posts on the silliness that seems to dog our elected officials and those who would like to be elected. See especially the workings of the Texas Board of Education, which recently (and often times in the past) is prone to be packed with creationism advocates and others who would like to place a political agenda ahead of the needs of students in the state’s public education system. The current cast of GOP candidates appears to be a bottomless source of punch lines, and there will be many punches thrown whenever there is an opening that cannot be ignored.

The NTS also ignores religion, but I do not. All aspects of religion exhibit points worthy of exposure and ridicule. Religion is not a big part of my knowledge base, but it’s going to receive my best efforts on this blog.

Finally, there will be occasional themes touching on photography, science, computer software, engineering and other interesting technologies. Add a link to this blog to your list of favorites and visit often. E-mail me if you have a comment you want posted.  Also, if you spot something that should be covered and that I have missed, let me know by e-mail.  If it’s something that I have time for I will get right on it.

John Blanton


4 thoughts on “Introducing Skeptical Analysis

  1. If John says anything contrary to my belief that “religion is unnecessary, unethical, unsubstantiated and dangerous”, I will not be reading one more post here.

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